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. . . where your author cuts loose with some steamy fiction (ya sure, it's fiction), some pithy comments and quips and a few poetic images.

If you like using your imagination -- can read a juicy story without having to depends on some graphic art or photos -- you'll enjoy your visit. Here you'll find just WORDS designed to build mental images and IDEAS to make you stop and think. Comments, critiques and suggestions are welcomed. Do let me know your reaction to what you find here.

Due to the adult nature of some of the subject matter you must prove you're old enough have your brain tickled and your prick tingled as you read along. It's not going to cost you anything though. Right now just SWEAR on your hot crotch that you are legal and reading this is legal where you live. For those of you who just can't tell the truth when it comes to age . . . and sex -- see ya inside!
    - - Jon

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